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38"x38" Kerdi
Shower Kit
38"x 60" Off Center 
New Style Kerdi Kit
32"x60" Offset Modified Kerdi Kit
48"x 48" Center 
New Style Kerdi Kit
38"x 60" Center 
New Style Kerdi Kit
60"x60" Center
Kerdi Shower Kit
48"x72" Center
Kerdi Shower Kit
Kerdi by the Sq ft
Kerdi Band by Ln Ft
Ditra by the Sq ft

We have been selling Kerdi Schluter Shower Systems Direct to the public since they came to America. We brought the prices down to a level every homeowner and contractor can afford.

I have 36 years in the trade as a second generation flooring pro.

We have TEXT Install Support by trained pros available at: 502-379-1009 - 812-399-9800. You have question I will answer it or find an answer.

We can AID with all your questions and Install suggestions.

The site is operational for ordering so feel free to put your order in.

Please return as we will add more products daily.

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