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ProVa-Mat Is The Premier Waterproofing Membrane for Ceramic tile and can be laid right over Drywall Plywood,OSB,and is waterproof so it takes the place of Kerdi for showers and bathroom tub surrounds. The ProVa-Mat inherits the same principals as the Schluters Kerdi and is much Cheaper. 

32" x 60 Offset ProVa Shower System Kit contains: 
1 32'x60" Offset Presloped Polystyrene Shower Tray. 10" offset
1 32'x60" Precut Tray Membrane with Center Hole, (16 sq foot) 
1 Chrome  Adjustable Drain (Universal PVC - or - ABS)
(Ugrades are available) 
92 Sq Ft ProVaMat
Waterproof Membrane for the shower walls (3.3 x 27) 
Total Sq Footage of coverage: 108 Sq Ft.
2 Interlocking Polystyrene Dovetailed Curbs: 24"x6"x4" for a 48" Curb. 
(High Compression Polystyrene) 
108 sq foot: The total of Waterproofing Membrane amounts. 

32"x 60" Off Center ProVa Mat Shower System Chrome Drain

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